#035: Sun Dogs

In this special weekend edition, let’s talk about that unusual sight in this afternoon’s sky: the sun dog (or “mock sun”). Sun dogs are not all that unusual, that is until they become as bright and as colorful as today’s! I include some images that you can view on the podcast web site, WeatherJazz.com. Also, we are approaching the calendar dates on which we see the coldest air, climatologically. I give you the dates along with significant markers on our way up to the warmest July days of summer.

Here are the photos about which I spoke on Episode #035 (taken in Mayfield Heights near Hillcrest Hospital).

Upcoming “normal” high temperature markers:

40°F = February 24
50°F = March 24
60°F = April 17
70°F = May 16
80°F = June 18

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