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#070: Summer Outlook

April 26, 2019

The two seasons with the highest degree (did you get the pun, there?) of interest in terms of the long-range, seasonal outlook is winter and summer. It makes perfect sense since these are the two extremes of the year. With June, July, and August (the meteorological summer of 2019) right around the corner, it’s time […]

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#069: Just a Way Of Life

April 19, 2019

Caribou, Maine continues to establish a new record with every new morning this April. The record? They have now experienced the longest continuous stretch of measuring at least one inch of snow. As of today (Good Friday), that stretch is 161 days. See how I placed the peak snow depth of 45″ into perspective: I […]

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#068: Maine’s New Record

April 17, 2019

Can you imagine 160 continuous days with at least one inch of snow covering the ground? No need to imagine anymore. Caribou Maine not only broke the old record, but SMASHED it… and they are still many days away before they officially kiss the snow cover goodbye. Let’s talk about that (and I’m working on […]

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#067: Breathtaking Sunsets

April 12, 2019

What does the atmosphere have to do in order to create a stunning, jaw-dropping sunset with its array of rich colors? Let’s talk about that on tonight’s episode of WeatherJazz┬«. I made reference to my television forecast from tonight that we had the initial ingredients necessary for one of these sunsets. At first, it looked […]

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#066: Your Favorite Month

April 4, 2019

It’s time to focus on YOU, the WeatherJazz┬« audience by asking you, “What is your favorite month and why?” Calls came in from Seattle to Cleveland on the WeatherJazz┬« Hotline. I alsdo posed the same question to your favorite FOX 8 news anchors and reporters. The answers were wide and varied as well as the […]

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#065 March Sendoff

April 1, 2019

The atmosphere sent March packing with a parting gift: a significant snowfall in NEOhio. March snowfalls aren’t all that unusual in Ohio. In fact, we’ve recently seen several inches of snow on Sunday, May 15, 2017 on the east side of Cleveland. But this weekend’s snowfall did fall into a category that raised more than […]

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