Episode #106: 1816 – The Year Without A Summer

OK, so we’re forecasting a little wet snow this May weekend. Unusual? Yes. Rare? Not really. But what about seeing more snow in JUNE than in January or February? It happened… they year was 1816. It was the “Year Without A Summer.” But there’s an even more fascinating story to tell about one farmer in Vermont whose corn crop did not fail! Enjoy this trip back to the summer of 1816.

This is an image of Nathaniel Foster, a Massachusetts native who moved to northern Vermont after marrying a Vermont woman. What he did to keep his corn crop from failing was amazing in that unforgettable summer of cold and snow.

Courtesy of FindAGrave.com, here is Nathaniel’s obelisk marking the place where he is buried in Fairfield, Vermont.

Recommended reading: “It Happened In Vermont” by Mark Bushnell (CLICK HERE for link).

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