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Episode #111: The Next Generation

June 26, 2020

Just as I have been encouraged by my television weather heroes in the 1970s, now I get to identify and encourage students who have that certain “sparkle in their eye” for meteorology. During season one of WeatherJazz, I introduced you to several of my understudies who have since gone on to start their careers in […]

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Episode #110: Alaska Roadways

June 22, 2020

With such seasonal weather extremes in our 49th state, Alaska, the task of designing and building roads has a few more challenges than the same task in Ohio (or any other U.S. state!). That’s why I invited a Materials Engineer from the Alaska Department Of Transportation to be my special guest to talk about those […]

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Episode #109: Why Is The Sky So Blue?

June 14, 2020

If you, like us, turned off your heat for the summer period, you stirred from your slumber searching for a fuzzy hoodie to don. The coffee tasted extra delicious after witnessing the sight of your backyard or window thermometer touting temperatures somewhere in the 40s! While there were no record lows in Ohio this Sunday […]

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Episode #108: Ohio Storm Reports

June 11, 2020

Wednesday’s squall line affected virtually everyone in Ohio at one point or another, some affected to a greater degree than others. The squall line itself was impressive, but what happened after the line passed has to be considered just as dramatic! Watch the time lapse I captured on my GoPro Hero 8 camera. The storm […]

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