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Episode #132: Get Ready

November 27, 2020

Our Thanksgiving period was largely quiet and near normal temperature-wise, but the weather rumors we’ve been spinning are pointing to a significant pattern change. But here’s the question: Is this cold punch coming in going to set the pace for December or is this just a quick shot of cold air and snow? FOX 8 […]

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Episode #131: Two Great Questions

November 23, 2020

I had two great audience questions submitted on my WeatherJazz® Audience Connect Line (234-525-5888) in the past few weeks. I asked FOX 8 morning meteorologist Scott Sabol to join me in addressing both questions. The first one came from Sarah who was at a Cleveland Browns game with her father (photo below) recently and wondered […]

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Episode #130: Jón Jónsson

November 17, 2020

This episode has been almost two years in the making and will likely be one of my very favorite for years to come. About two winters ago, I heard a song on FM95.7 in Reykjavik, Iceland, that piqued my attention. I instantly loved it and scrambled fast to “Shazam” it. The song was by popular […]

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Episode #129: I Hate Cracked Hands!

November 10, 2020

I may be talking about record warmth and a record stretch of November warmth today, but let’s face it. It’s November, not September. Inevitably, winter winds will arrive with greater frequency and definition. For me personally, that means having to make a more conscious effort to preventing my hands from drying out and cracking. A […]

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Episode #128: Winter Outlook 2020-2021

November 2, 2020

Join WeatherJazz® host André Bernier and colleague Scott Sabol go in depth about the drivers of this year’s winter weather outlook! Scott’s World Of Weather Blog HERE. My new WeatherJazz® Audience Connect line is: 234-525-5888. Call anytime you have a comment or topic suggestion! There’s a new way to become a supporter of this podcast. […]

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