Episode #138: The Best Of 2020

Aside from the obvious global challenges of 2020, it was a good year for this podcast. After re-examining every episode, I came up with MY top 7 WeatherJazz® podcast episodes. I go through the what and whys of each in Episode #138, then below that episode, and for your convenience and enjoyment, all seven podcasts in their entirety. You can listen to the episodes that intrigue you, or all seven of them in an episode-binging period!

My #1 favorite:

Here is some additional material, including a video of the impromptu song Jón Jónsson sang for us from his home in Iceland (via Zoom):

For my Spotify playlist of Jón Jónsson’s music, CLICK HERE.

For Jón Jónsson’s Instagram page, CLICK HERE.

My #2 favorite:

This episode is also a complete VIDEO episode which you can watch on the video player below:

My #3 favorite:

My #4 favorite:

My #5 favorite:

My #6 favorite:

My #7 favorite:

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