Episode #156: A Kinder, Gentler Pattern

Wow… it’s amazing how much nicer “normal temperatures” feel like after being pummeled with almost three weeks of arctic air! Until yesterday (Sunday), the last time we experienced a 32°F high temperature was briefly on February 12th and all the way back to on February 5th. The medium and long range “teleconnections” are now pointing to a return to the progressive pattern with only a few modest pushes of cold air into the Great Lakes. Here’s a 10-day animation showing surface temperature anomalies (red = warmer than normal; blue = colder than normal).

Up to this point, we’ve been at or (mostly) below normal since February began.

Warmer temperatures and stronger south winds have fractured the ice on Lake Erie. As of Monday morning, Lake Erie ice coverage is forecast to drop from 81% today to 70% by this weekend.

Here are some of the other graphics I make reference to in today’s episode of WeatherJazz®

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