Month: June 2021

#210: Rainbows And Sunspots

It’s “Science Wednesday” on The WeatherJazz® Podcast!

So what gives with this rainbow? Note the extra colors on the INSIDE! What is it?

I’ll explore…. AND the sun is “waking up” from its deep sunspot slumber!

It’s all in today’s episode of The WeatherJazz® Podcast:

#209: Summer Blast

Summer roared into the Pacific Northwest in a very grand fashion. I’ll tell you about some new all-time records established over the weekend. But now as the workweek steps off, it’s the other coast looking to set records. But when will Cleveland hit 90°F for the first time? That could be TODAY.

Perhaps the Ohio Valley will start putting a dent in the 5-inch rainfall deficit this week:

Here is the link to the podcast I help to produce weekly for the church in the Reykjavik, Iceland area:

Akureyri, one of Iceland’s biggest north coast towns, benefits from a south wind in the same fashion that cities and towns downeast of the Rockies do when the downslope “katabatic” winds see dramatic temperature rises.

Here is a clip of this weekend’s Instagram feed from Fridrik Dór when so much of Iceland was saying, “WOW, what a day!” (Fridrik’s song, “Hvílíkur Dagur” in Icelandic means, “What A Day.”)

#208: Bill Martin

So what do you do when you wake up with a completely blank slate for Open Line Friday? You invite Bill Martin on the program to stir some mischief!

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#207: Crepuscular Rays

Notwithstanding the two “elephants in the room” (cold east, record heat west), let’s explore the world of crepuscular rays!

All this while record heat is likely in the Pacific Northwest this weekend as the heat builds in aloft at 18,000 feet: