Summer roared into the Pacific Northwest in a very grand fashion. I’ll tell you about some new all-time records established over the weekend. But now as the workweek steps off, it’s the other coast looking to set records. But when will Cleveland hit 90°F for the first time? That could be TODAY.

Perhaps the Ohio Valley will start putting a dent in the 5-inch rainfall deficit this week:

Here is the link to the podcast I help to produce weekly for the church in the Reykjavik, Iceland area:

Akureyri, one of Iceland’s biggest north coast towns, benefits from a south wind in the same fashion that cities and towns downeast of the Rockies do when the downslope “katabatic” winds see dramatic temperature rises.

Here is a clip of this weekend’s Instagram feed from Fridrik Dór when so much of Iceland was saying, “WOW, what a day!” (Fridrik’s song, “Hvílíkur Dagur” in Icelandic means, “What A Day.”)