Month: July 2021

#219: Guest Bryan Busby

Kansas City is blessed beyond measure to have Meteorologist Bryan Busby helping viewers to navigate the wild swings of weather in tornado alley. But what so many don’t know is that Bryan grew up in northeast Ohio and, as a youngster, wrote Dick Goddard a letter asking him about the damaging thunderstorm complex that affected Ohio on July 4th, 1969. The rest, as they say, is history!

I had the privilege of sitting down with my longtime friend and colleague when he was in town a few weeks ago. Bryan graciously accepted my invitation to be a special guest on weatherJazz®.

#218: Upcoming Perseids

The reliable Perseid meteor shower will arrive next month. Mark your calendar now. I’ll explore this topic in greater detail next month. Let’s also talk about the active sun and a new sunspot cluster about to come into view… along with the physics of smoke particles aloft from distant forest fires in today’s episode of WeatherJazz®.

#216: Walk Across America

John and Sandy Halvorsen are on a journey…. a VERY LONG journey ON FOOT! They are walking across America from Miami to Seattle. The journey began in February. This week, they were making their way across Kansas:

So WHY are they doing this? As Dutch Sheets explained on his daily devotional, Give Him 15 (from July 5th, below), they are praying for revival in the USA. I was able to catch up with the Halvorsens thanks to a Zoom meeting while they were resting last Sunday.

#215: Cosmic Relief

Cosmic radiation (gamma rays and X rays from supernovae in the universe) isn’t something we typically have to worry about since our atmosphere does a great job at shielding us from it. However, that doesn’t mean we cant measure it and study it! Let’s have a look!

#211: A. J. Colby

Let’s get to know the story of another one of our amazing meteorologists, A. J. Colby. Many people are unaware that I knew A. J. when he was a middle school student in the Kingsville-Conneaut area of extreme northeast Ohio. FOX 8 is so fortunate to have him as our Monday-Friday 10 PM meteorologist!