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#229: Henri Makes Waves

It was a busy weekend in southern New England as the fiurst tropical system in over thirty years makes landfall in New England. Where is Henri now? And does it have any impoact on the Ohio Valley, near term or medium term? Is the PNA still a good parameter to use for weather trends?

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#228: Divine By Design

Meet Bob Gilmore and his wife, Susanne.

More than 40 years ago, we adopted each other as a friend who “sticks closer than a brother” (Proverbs 18:24). Our life intersection was designed by God. The story will have you nodding your head in agreement. To understand why I know that our paths were Divenly designed to intersect, join me as I read a short chapter about Bob from my 2011 book, The Extra Mile (available on Amazon and Kindle).

Bob’s talents are amazing. He’s a broadcast engineer who also does amazing wood work. After months of frustration looking for the right desk for my new WeatherJazz® studio, Bob offered to build a custom sized desk that would fit perfectly in the space I had.

In addition to being a workstation for my WeatherJazz® podcast, it’s also the spot I start my weather briefings for my daily television weather segments on WJW-TV, FOX 8 (Cleveland, Ohio) along with my radio weather segments for WKJA-FM, Heartfelt Radio… AND best of all, a really quiet place to begin my day with my daily Bible study with former TV news anchor, Bill Martin, now retired in Florida.

I had Bob inscribe the desk on the underside as a permanent reminder of our lifelong friendship.

#227: Katydids

If you listen carefully to the insect sounds as night falls, you can easily determine that we are in the final phase of summer. It seems like the bugs are louder and more active. Perhaps they “know” that their time is short. Another telltale sound of late summer is the emergence of the Katydid. By the end of today’s program, you will know what Katydids sound like and what to listen for in the late summer.

#226: Back To Wet

After a glorious weekend with dry air (and REALLY dry air for one observation station in the US), our Ohio Valley pattern will return to its summer 2021 ways.

Also, here is the Phil Robertson clip I talked about at the end of the episode:

#224: The Perseids

It’s that time of year again… with the arrival of late summer, the annual meteor shower known as the Perseids will dazzle the nighttime sky tonight wherever the weather allows. Let’s talk about the Perseids and the meteor shower’s source.

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