#231: Random Chatter With Bill Martin

Sometimes we all need some levity, especially after a difficult news week. I thought a conversation with former FOX 8 News anchor, Bill Martin, would do the trick!

Here are a few screenshots to which we made reference in today’s episode.


  1. Rose M. Moore

    Recognized these two right away … TWO of the OLD Fox 8 Monkeys! Fortunately, there was no strong aroma of MOTHBALLS yet. Guess they have a few more years before they will have to be locked into a cedar closet!

  2. Rose M. Moore

    Andre Bernier, Your weather team has a great clown in A.j. Colby. Last night with the weather report, he told us that you are so much thinner than he is, that if you two stood side-by-side together, you’d make a 10 … With you being the ONE, and A.J. being the ZERO! (I LOVED it!)

  3. Rose M. Moore

    PS to Andre

    • Rose M. Moore

      I’m sure a LOT of viewers enjoyed seeing the Bill Martin/AndreBernier team again!

  4. Lorrie

    This was so much fun! Two of the best from Fox 8 News 💕 Love the Uversion idea, will try to start my own study group.
    Keep up the great Podcast Andre! Enjoy retirement Bill!
    Lorrie Taylor

    • Andre Bernier

      Hi Lorrie!!! Thanks SO MUCH for chiming in and listening to the two “old geezers on the back porch yappin’ away!” LOL

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