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#237: September So Far

As we approach the mid-point of Septmeber, let’s see how we are doing in NEOhio and where we might be headed to finish this month. Plus, big news from Iceland this weekend after geologists thought Fagradalsfjall volcano was done erupting.

Monday midday: fissures still bubbling lava.

Live feed:

#236: Open Line Friday

I have a fun grab-bag of fun things to share today, an episode I recorded OUTSIDE with my portable “studio” so you could experience, first-hand, a fun audio program called “DeScript.” I also share my fun Friday routine, awesome thoughts on September from one of my steadfast supporters, and what I have planned for next Friday (a return guest!).

Here is an edited version of’s Free Jingle Friday:

Here is the image to which Isabela Russell was making reference:

YouTube Channel for Music Radio Creative HERE.

Main web site for Music Radio Creative HERE.

Next week, I’m scheduling Pastor Gunnar Gunnarsson to join me from Iceland. Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to his podcast (that I produce weekly for them) called Sermons From Iceland (you’ll hear my voice in the intro and outro of every episode). Here is the episode from September 5th, 2021:

#235: Lenticular Clouds

Shouldn’t the first day of classes ALWAYS be the Wednesday AFTER Labor Day? Well, after I get that aspect of school life off my chest, we will look at a most unusual cloud formation. They look like UFOs! But there’s a good reason why they look so strange. Happy September, everyone.

Here are a few of the photos I spoke of on this episode:

#234: What Real Friendship Looks Like

It was forty-four years ago today, September 3rd, that one of the greatest adventures of my life began. It was on that date that my family drove me north from southern New England to northeast Vermont to start my college degree program in meteorology. Eventually, that would lead to a very special lifelong friendship, the kind that is rare and special in every way. I introduced you to Bob Gilmore in episode #228 by reading from my 2011 book, The Extra Mile. Today, it’s time for you to get to know Bob by a conversation we had earlier this week.

#233: Summer Stats

Now that meteorological summer is over, let’s look at the numbers that shaped summer 20212… as well as looking at the specialness of the month of September.

What makes September special to you? The WeatherJazz® Audience Connect Line is open, waiting for your answer!


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