#055: Romance Of Fog

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

What is the coziest kind of weather you can think of? Snow? Rain? Warm, dry breezes? Fog?


Sure! Why not? After sitting on a couple of interviews about the “sentimental, romantic” nature of fog and foghorns, what better day to promote it than today. You can listen to the podcast audio below. Enjoy.

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#054: Valentine’s Day

As promised, here is a quick look around the country for any Valentine’s Day weather challenges and a look back at two years in our history on which snowstorms made for a very memorable Valentine’s Day.

Click HERE to see the snowstorm story from The Boston Globe (from 1940).

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#053: GOES-17 Operational

Just a little over a year ago, a new east-coast weather satellite by the name of GOES-16 became fully operational. It sent back some pretty amazing images with an array of new equipment that could detect far more than just weather satellite images. Now it’s the west coast’s turn. GOES-17 became fully operational this week. The timing could not have been better. The images captured the dynamics behind a new snowfall record… for HAWAII!

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#052: Snowless In Seattle… NOT!

The western United States has been reeling in a stormy pattern for a few weeks now. Usually that means a windy rain along the coast and snow in the interior mountains. Not this year. The people in Seattle are being bombarded by record snowfall this month! Since records began, NEVER has there been a February as snowy as this one is Seattle. And with more than two weeks remaining in February, they’re not done adding to it.

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#051: Fast Ice

Not to be confused with “coastal fast ice,” there is a phenomenon that anyone can see in their own backyards under the right circumstances. It’s something I call “fast ice” or “flash ice” because it develops so quickly right under our own feet. In today’s episode, I go through then dynamics involved in this phenomenon. I also snapped a few photos from my own backyard earlier today (see below). You should still be able to see plenty of fast ice on Saturday. I’d love to see any photos you snap. If you’d like to share them with my WeatherJazz® audience, email an attached image to weatherjazz@yahoo.com

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#050: Dense Fog!

Wow! Where did all that fog come from so quickly? The weather pattern’s nuances come into play today when fog suddenly reduced visibility from excellent to near zero at times. We explore how that fog develop and point to another pending episode of WeatherJazz® during which I’ll go into greater depth about fog and the disappearing foghorn alert system in the United States.

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#049: End Of Winter Outlook

On Friday, I shared our “End Of The Winter” outlook on FOX 8. Because of our most recent circumpolar vortex visit, the first since 2014, we made a quick shift in our thinking to include this powerful winter artifact in the projection ahead to February, with a sneak peek at March and April. You can listen to the podcast episode on the player below:

The February 1994, 2013, and 2014 climate averages:

Here’s what March looked like in the same years. Note how they are all cold in Ohio.

Here’s some good news: The cold air recedes quickly in April. Let’s hope so for 2019.

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#048: January Stats & The Superbowl

Okay. January is in the books. How will meteorological history treat the first month of this new year? I’ll go through all the stats. But wait. There’s more! Since my job is to forecast, how about a Super Bowl forecast? And did you see Tom Brady’s response to a young fan’s question about the “Tom Brady haters?” Like the Patriots or not, it’s worth a moment to examine his answer!

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