#064: Northern Lights

Until March, the sun has been largely quiet in 2019. We are in a solar minimum in its 7-year sunspot cycle. However, we’ve seen a couple of interesting sunspot clusters in the last few weeks. One of them hurled a “CME” (Coronal Mass Ejection) towards Earth that will zip past Earth on Saturday night. It MAY elevate our opportunity of seeing the northern lights this Saturday night. The weather couldn’t be any more perfect if you live in Ohio. If you live elsewhere, check on your local forecast for sky conditions.

In Episode #064, you’ll gain some tips and insight that may increase your chance of seeing this delightful phenomenon. The resources I talk about in the episode are listed on http://www.weatherjazz.com (under Episode #064).

CLICK HERE to watch the planetary “K-Index” values.

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#063: Spring Sunlight

Astronomical spring (the vernal equinox) arrives on Wednesday at 5:58 p.m. (EDT). Meteorologically, there isn’t much significance to March 20th, but there are certainly some interesting things that happen from an astronomical standpoint. Let’s explore them in tonight’s episode of WeatherJazz®.

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#062: Severe Thunderstorms In The World

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s program, Episode #061, when we explained the two parameters that officially make a thunderstorm “severe” (please listen to that episode before this one). Are all severe thunderstorms “made the same?” Not really. While most of the threshold differences are small, there are a few that are surprising. I’ll look at some of other countries’ thresholds and perhaps the reason behind the differences.

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#061: Severe Thunderstorm Criteria

Is there an official definition of a “severe thunderstorm?” If the answer is “yes,” what are the parameters and thresholds of a severe thunderstorm that need to be crossed before a severe thunderstorm warning is officially issued by the National Weather Service? Our weather was VERY active today, not only in Ohio, but in much of the USA, so it’s a timely topic. I have a follow-up topic for Episode #062 planned for Friday. Stay tuned!

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#060: Crazy USA Weather

With a projected high of 67°F or warmer on Thursday, how can I (with a straight face) call this a “cold pattern?” That’s easy. Join me for a look at this seeming contradiction as we explore some interesting weather records that continue to be set in the USA .

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#059: USA Snow Pack Record

After a brief vacation break followed by what seemed to be the flu bug, I’m back to share a sound that my wife and I found most unusual for February… but it would have been beyond unusual if we had heard this sound in Ohio in the concluding days of February. I’ll let you sample the sound for yourself. No doubt, you’ll recognize it. Then we look at a Lower-48 US snow pack record for March 8th and how it compares to the average.

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#058: Big Time Wind

I just heard from the National weather Service office in Cleveland and they verified that their peak wind just was actually 67 MPH (it showed up as 66 MPH due to a rounding error on the initial climatological product Sunday evening). When was the last time we saw winds higher than that? We’ll take a look on tonight’s special weekend episode.

Here’s the link to see how many customers in Ohio are without power (CLICK HERE).

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#057: Beef Wellington

Okay, okay. So what does Beef Wellington have to do with weather or science? Not much. But every once in a while when something piques my interest or when I think something may pique yours, I’ll head in a wild direction. Why Beef Wellington? You’ll see. Also in Episode #057, a warm “welcome!” to a new podcaster and personal friend and colleague, sportscaster John Telich!

One of my favorite meals is Beef Wellington. I’ve never taken the time necessary to make it. It’s labor and time intensive. I was in a brave mood on Sunday and decided to give it a whirl!

Using Gordon Ramsey’s on-line recipe, I made my own duxelles (mushroom paste).

The Wellington just before it went into a 395°F oven for 30 minutes.

The result… oh, a picture here is worth 1,000 words!

I would make a few adjustments the next time, but that’s what I had in mind… find out what (if anything) needs some tweaking for our taste. Believe me, there wasn’t much to tweak.

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