Episode #083: Dragonflies On Radar?

My wife and I were curiously watching an unusual mass of something on NEXRAD Doppler radar this morning edging in from the southwest. Whatever it was seemed to be moving with the gentle southwest winds that brought us our 15th 90°F day of the year in Cleveland, Ohio. Then I received an even more curious call from a young lady in Euclid who witness thousands and thousands of dragonflies throughout the air. I called a friend who works at the National Weather Service to let him know that what we were seeing on radar today may have been, at least in part, dragonflies!

It may have been warm today, but the fall foliage is starting to show a hint of what’s coming next month. Check out the photos I posted on WeatherJazz.com for this episode.

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Episode #082: Feeling Melancholy

I always start feeling this way as we approach September. I so loved my college experience that I often spend a little time reflecting on the excitement of September 3, 1977, the day my parents, aunt, and younger brother drove me to Lyndonville, Vermont, surrounded by beautiful mountains that I would come to know and love.

But this year, it’s for a compounded reason: It’s the first year that we are not transporting our son, Noah, to Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. He graduated in May. As I mentioned in the podcast, I still took the time to spend time looking at LU’s live web cameras during freshman move-in day, and I watched the year’s first Convocation with “My Pillow” guy, Mike Lindell. Please take the time to watch his testimony below (scrub to about 29 minutes in to get to Mike’s testimony).

We're back! Join us at 10:40am for #LUConvo!

Posted by Liberty University Office of Spiritual Development on Wednesday, August 21, 2019

And, YES!… I’m releasing Book 4 of my Christmas In Pilaf series as a free, daily podcast called “Welcome To Pilaf.” I’ll share details on all the platforms I’ll be on with my book release once everything is set. In the meantime, here is the introduction for the podcast. I hope you enjoy it.

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Episode #081: ISS, Jupiter, And Two Galaxies

We had some wonderful evening passes of the International Space Station recently, but we are now entering a block of time when the ISS cannot be seen in Ohio. When will we the next set of passes? Let’s talk about that along with some interesting stats about the ISS. I’ll also brief you on this weekend’s Perseid meteor shower peak this weekend and talk about the details found in two recently photographed Hubble Space Telescope objects (see below) in today’s episode of WeatherJazz®.

Courtesy Hubble Telescope

“UGC 2369”

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Episode #080: Voyager 1 & 2

I was preparing to start my college career in northeastern Vermont when NASA launched both the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 deep space probes over 40 years ago. Amazingly, those space probes (which are outside of our solar system) continue to communicate to Earth. The signal from each probe takes almost 24 hours to reach NASA’s antennas! Here’s an update on the two probes that have been speeding away from Earth for over 40 years.

See REAL TIME data from Voyager 1 and 2 HERE.

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Episode #079: Beyond Tropical

With the heatwave now expanding eastward, I noticed some heat index and dew point numbers that raised my eyebrows. How is it that some of the dew point reports were reaching the unfathomable mid 80s? There’s a good reason and I’ll elaborate in tonight’s edition of WeatherJazz.

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Episode #078: Here Comes The Heat

The heat dome, which started building in Texas a few weeks ago, has grown and is now poised to bully its way into much of the country east of the Rockies on Friday and Saturday. For the first time in seven years, an Excessive Heat Warning will go into effect in Ohio beginning at noon on Friday. What constitutes an Excessive Heat Warning? How will Friday and Saturday’s heat compare to what is normally experienced in a typical summer? These are a few of the aspects of the heat I talk about in this episode.

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#077: A New Season

In today’s release of WeatherJazz®, I’d like to share a delightful new season I have entered. It’s a season with a new role with some amazing advantages. One of them is more frequent episodes of WeatherJazz®!

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#076: 90-Degree Days

So far, Cleveland has only witnessed ONE 90-degree day thus far. That was on May 25th when we hit 92°F. After that, a chilly and very rainy pattern developed leaving the masses asking if summer would ever “get going?” The atmosphere gave us some hope this week that the cool and rainy pattern has shifted, at least for now. I thought this would be a fun time to look at a lot of interesting statistics that deal with 90-degree days up to this date (June 26th), and also for the entire summer period.

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